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New website is at www.rune-tune.ucoz.com
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im Sorry for this but someone has goten loged into my forums and has messed up the whloe page an i need to stary over if you want to keep pto date add me on youtube at www.youtube.com/RzRpkWrathMrMoo
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Ok first off i have added a list of a 317 code list for pickup on pickup clients some of the codes only work for frugooscape like the really odd ones like BARROWS SANTAHAT. I have not yet finished the the codes yet i have spent some really good amount of time on the ones i have now so i will probably have more up on there by saturday night cuz my nexted update on codes will probably be the last of them but i dont know yet. But more facts on the frugooscape im going to be making a music video after i finish my 508 music video on my buddies client. I am going to need your help on finding a song that will bring more views to my forums and my youtube please post comments on the post i will make for songs you would like on the video i will post a list on here sometime soon of the songs and all i want from you is to just make a post of what song you would like to have on the video. And dont forget to add me on YOUTUBE. You can find my youtube ... Read more »
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Well now that im back i had a snow day iv been on the forums and everything but i havent been able to do much im going to be posting videos and stuff about frugooscape since its back and a current video about the new and improved RzRpkWrath its great and theres some further news about frugooscape Al is makeing a 525 server thats just like current runescape its going to be just like frugooscape of wat im hearing but i think that would be ownage if it was going to be like that cuz relm 1 is good for haveing fun and learning and relm 2 is more for pking but yea and to let some old frugooscape players out there frugooscape ultimate can still be played if u didnt know u just have to make ur port say 6001 or 6002 to play it 6002 is relm 2 and 6001 is relm 1 and for frugooscape players i have made a new account for the frugooscape extream and if u have any questions add me my name is Mr Moo.
dont forget to play
frugooscape at& ... Read more »
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Hello you ar now on Mr Moo's forum's for RzRpkWrath please sign up and start inviting your friend's that playRzRpk Wrath u can find me on chat on the RzRpkWrath forum's if u have questions please try to contact me on here or on RzRpkWrath forum's. ill be trying to work with the forums alot more then usual if u dont see me on RzRpkWrath form's ill most likely be on here or at school during the week.
                                                                                 Thank you
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